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Some say we’re obsessed with our company culture – we prefer to say we’re passionate for our people. Sounds like a really great lead into an “about us” page on a hospitality website. That’s because it is, it’s ours, and we are unapologetic in our commitment to it. We believe that a positive culture is the foundation in driving our mission; to create remarkable experiences for our guests, our team members, and our investors. 

Grand statements surrounding dedication and commitment to company culture were a dime a dozen, even just a few months ago, but as COVID-19 has raged through the hospitality industry, revisiting these values was not only necessary, but provided our team a roadmap to navigate this industry-shattering and unsettling time. 


Live Authentically

As a management company, we take great pride in authenticity and the transparency that is inherent in following this type of leadership style. We knew that there would be many unknowns and uncertainties, and we confronted that head-on. Our leadership team was present and still remain in the trenches with our teams. The rippling effect that the pandemic has had on the hospitality industry is far from over, but no one is managing from afar and just trying to wait it out. We believe in being one company, one team, so we will continue on in our immersive management through this journey to recovery.

Own It

We empower our team to do what needs to get done. Under normal circumstances, we would require standard reports and spreadsheets and backlog updates, and that would be the responsibility of a team member. The demand for fluidity in management changed everything about “normal circumstances.” We knew that the needs, restrictions, and overall impact in our New York hotels would vary greatly from our hotels in Pennsylvania. We lifted up our leaders to build response plans from guest care, to team member morale, to financial mitigation that would best fit the uniqueness of the hotel and situation. We already had a platform built for our team to own it, the world turning upside down provided the need for us to apply it.  

Play as a Team

We have been intentional in the development of our culture over time. We did not simply print up a few posters and hang them behind the front desk and in the breakroom and expect that we would benefit from a rich and supportive culture. We live it, and breath it, and have even been acknowledged for it.  We aim to have our entire organization and those that work with us contribute to a family-like work environment with open communication, diversity, and mutual respect. The last several months have been challenging and uncertain, and as have many others, we have had to make some really painful choices. Rooted in our respect for each other, we chose to communicate transparently and make these difficult decisions with our team. We have provided outreach and support to all team members, regardless of their active status, while we work through this next period of time. We miss the vibrancy of all the staff on-site, but it has made us value it even more, and look forward to the day that it returns.

Make a Difference

We look for opportunities everyday to make a difference in our work environment, in our guest experience and in our communities. As our hotels in New York City looked for traditional and unconventional ways to stay solvent, we never lost sight of our opportunity to give back. In addition to Synergy’s participation in AH&LA’s Hospitality for Hope Initiative, we were also able to provide financial support to two incredible organizations, NYC Health & Hospitals COVID-19 Relief Fund, and NYC City Harvest.

“I am very grateful that we are able to give back at this unprecedented time and Make a Difference in our community.” Stephen Field, President, Synergy Hospitality Management

Have P.E.P. - Pride, Enthusiasm, Passion

Full disclosure, this one was not easy. It still isn’t easy. We are proud of the way in which our teams have responded to the ever-changing health and economic environment. Our team members can be proud of the way in which we continue to serve our guests and our communities. At our core we are hospitality people, and a passion to serve is something that will never be stripped from our everyday. Enthusiasm is entirely different. It is hard to be enthusiastic when there is uncertainty in the business. It is nearly impossible to be enthusiastic when the lobby is desolate and guests are few and far between. How did we look at this core value and overcome this weighty burden? Great question. We’re still working on it. Our enthusiasm has not been extinguished, it is merely clouded while we work through the storm. 

Be World Famous

Our goal is to create remarkable experiences that our guests tell others about. In the days and months ahead, we will rely on this more than ever. We will continue to provide outstanding guest stays to earn that coveted repeat visit and to build back confidence in travel. Our teams are ready with enhanced resources and training to welcome back our guests and make their stay healthy, safe and memorable.  


Although we do not know when restrictions will be lifted, or what the state of business and leisure travel might look like later this year, or into next, we do know how we will respond. We are being mindful of what we are learning and how we can continue to adapt and grow from it. Our core values have shaped the way in which we have responded to the tumultuous journey of 2020, and will be a guiding light as we continue to navigate the road to a more stable and brighter future. 

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