Some say obsessed. We say passionate.


At Synergy Hospitality, we are passionate about creating a culture and work environment that attracts, nurtures, develops and rewards the most talented and dedicated team members in our industry. To us, the theory is simple: successful cultures equal successful hotels. A positive, team- focused culture that empowers passionate employees to take ownership of their work and above all, value the team experience and shared values we commit to daily is our secret.

We firmly believe a positive culture is the foundation for exemplary customer service. Our dedication to our team through open communication, diversity and mutual respect creates a family-like work environment. It’s this singular focus that results in legendary experiences for our team, customers and guests.

Some say we’re obsessed with our company culture – we prefer to say we’re passionate for our people.

Synergy Core Values                                   

We believe that a positive hotel culture not only defines what we do, but who we are. Our passion for our people can only be equaled by our dedication to hospitality values.