Through years of premier management and hotel operations, Synergy has cultivated a series of best practices for hotel operations consulting. Providing guidance and direction, the Synergy team partners with developers and ownership groups to curate a solutions package to fit the hotel operations need through consulting.

Tailored consulting services are designed for hotel owners seeking an improved financial performance, heightened guest satisfaction and an undeniably positive team morale. Whether a hotel asset is in the early stages of development, or entering its next phase through a significant renovation, the right partner in a consulting role is essential to the asset’s long-term success. Synergy brings a breadth of experience, an unrivaled energy, and a high-touch approach to getting things done.

Food and Beverage

The Food and Beverage services provided by Synergy pay special attention to costs, CPOR, and labor costs demanded in select and extended stay properties. In addition to offering a highly satisfying meal period to our guests, Synergy ensures the efficiencies of on property services.

  • Provide highly rated guest experience
  • Train team members in proper food safety and back of house food management
  • Perform vendor audits for the best quality and prices of food and related goods
  • Leverage procurement opportunities to focus spending and reduce costs across the portfolio
  • Identify ancillary revenue opportunities with food and beverage services
  • Easily scale up best practices for full service property needs

Maintenance and Engineering

Synergy oversees the day to day needs of property maintenance and upkeep, specific to hospitality expectations. Unlike other real estate, hotels cater to guests day in and day out, no matter the property maintenance needs. Synergy understands this demanding balance and trains on site teams with the same advantage.

  • Institute property maintenance program
  • Energy conservation programs
  • Staff training throughout multiple departments

Safety and Risk Control

The institution of a safety and risk control program is paramount to the sustainable and scalable success of a hotel property.

  • Insurance program review and cost analysis
  • Risk management tools and resources deployment
  • Safety training programs
  • Employee safety programs to reduce Workers Compensation insurance expense
  • Annual insurance and risk control audits