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Hotel ownership presents a unique business opportunity that requires a significant investment of capital, time, and energy. One way to guarantee the best return of investment is by employing  a team that will operate your hotel to exceed brand standards and create topnotch guest experiences. Hiring a hospitality management company is a common solution for many hotel owners in need of subject matter expertise and professional support. Through a high-touch approach to operations, Synergy Hospitality Management guarantees that our hotel partners receive award-winning management services to ensure profitability, longevity and satisfaction.


Synergy knows the most critical element in enhancing the value of a hotel is to develop an enthusiastic and motivated team. Attracting and retaining top talent is vital. Hotel staff are not just employees that complete an assigned set of tasks. They are the heart of a hotel’s character, and they create the substance of its charm and personality that produce remarkable guest experiences. However, that charm and personality cannot be fully achieved without the proper team in place. In an industry where turnover is higher than most other industries, developing an A+ crew can be a daunting task!


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According to the current Bureau of Labor Statistics, the turnover rate in the hospitality industry is around 70-80% compared to the 10-15% most industries experience in an annual work year. There are several reasons hotel employees leave in high numbers, such as low wages, long hours, and a lack of opportunities for growth. However, there are measures hotel investors and owners can take to prevent their staff from leaving at such a high rate. For owners unsure of where to start, consulting with a company such as Synergy can put them on the right path towards keeping their best employees.



Successful Cultures Equal Successful Hotels

When working with our hotel partners to build their best teams, we carry over our own core values in order to create a culture and work environment that attracts, nurtures, develops and rewards the most talented and dedicated team members in the hospitality industry. At Synergy Hospitality, we believe in hiring for passion and personality, and training for skill. Keeping employees engaged, setting clear goals, and promoting work-life balance are important in retention of a hotel’s workforce. Our theory is simple: successful cultures equal successful hotels.


A successful culture must be embedded throughout every level and aspect of a hotel. Therefore, Synergy’s team works directly with on-property operations teams to recruit, develop, and promote the best-in-class hospitality talent. The staff development services offered by Synergy touch on all points of attracting and retaining top talent. Leadership development, employee retention programs, recruitment, sales and service training, establishment of employee benefit plans, and team building programs are just some of the items on our menu of premier hotel management operations services.


Create a Positive Work Environment

The high-touch approach Synergy brings to each of its hotels ensures that the goals of management and ownership are always in alignment. When there is a disconnect, a course correction is demanded so that collaboration, understanding and working efficiencies are achieved. By proactively creating a culture of positivity, hotels create spaces where there is no room for toxicity which can lead to high turnover. We pride ourselves on our skill in leading on-property management teams through the creation of a positive hotel culture that keeps good team members engaged.


At Synergy we do not just work with hotels to hire staff. We apply our firm belief that team members are our most valuable assets and should be cultivated through open communication and mutual respect. We believe in the cliché that employees are the backbone of your business. We know that a high-quality brand and product will only bring a guest to a hotel once; the hotel’s culture makes these guests loyal fans and repeat clients.


Hire the Best Management Team to Develop the Best Staff

Synergy Hospitality understands the relationship between a motivated team, a positive work environment and the extraordinary guest experience that will help hotel owners develop loyal guests. Whether or not your property works with a hospitality management company, contact us today to find out why we are a regional leader in hotel management and development consulting services.